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Welcome to the ARES ID Card, ARES Section Manager’s Blog and NARED member registration site.


Please select the applicable SM (province or territory) from the "SELECT CATEGORY" in the right hand panel to contact the Section Manager.


Please note that as of January 1st 2015, a written confirmation of eligibility by the applicant’s EC (or person acting as coordinator for ARES group) must be sent to the RAC office as part of the initial process. Until January 1st 2015,  RAC reserves the right to verify eligibility as it deems necessary using contact information provided by individual applicants.

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Alternate method: Manual ARES ID Card application for mail in with applicable payment.

The NARED member registration site can only be updated by authorized personnel.

Site to include future links to a Training Section.


Please contact the webmaster to obtain access to post monthly reports (blog format) for your section.

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