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Written for RAC by François Daigneault VE2AAY

A self-test program for candidates to the Canadian Amateur Radio certification. Runs under Microsoft Windows (reported to work flawlessly on Ubuntu 9.04 + Wine 1.0.1).

The files below are ZIPped to reduce bandwidth usage. Extract them to a working folder before use.
The program (freeware)

“These revised versions include the new IC question bank”

ExHAMiner V2.5 (2014 04)

Be sure to download at least one Question Bank from below.
Question Banks for ExHAMiner©

Deposit the Bank(s) in the same folder as the program.

Basic Qualification – English  (2020 02)
Advanced Qualification – English  (2014 09)

For reference, essential schematics to which some of the multiple-choice questions allude.

Schematics  for Advanced Qualification   (2014 09)

RAC is pleased to make the ExHAMiner© program available and extends sincere thanks and congratulations to François Daigneault, VE2AAY, for writing and providing it as freeware to anyone wishing to download it. Thank you.