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RAC QSL cardsOperation of the RAC QSL Bureau System would not be possible without the commitment and hard work of the QSL Bureau volunteers. 

RAC, and all those who benefit, salute these dedicated Amateurs and extend sincere appreciation for the long hours they devote to this difficult task.

QSL Cards via the Bureau System

The RAC Incoming Bureau sorts and distributes QSL cards to all Canadians (members and non-members) via the call area bureaus. However, some Canadian Amateurs, like others around the world, have indicated that they will not accept cards through the QSL Bureau.

Most indicate this on various websites like and others, yet thousands of cards are still sent and received each year incurring unnecessary costs for the Bureaus and the Amateur.

Bureaus in some countries do not accept cards for non-members of their national society and dispose of undeliverable cards. They are not returned to sender for economical and environmental reasons.

For more information please visit: QSL Cards via the Bureau System

“A Behind the Scenes Look at the QSL Bureau”

In his column, “The Sports Page”, in the July-August 2021 issue of The Canadian Amateur, Tom Haavisto, VE3CX, featured a “Behind the Scenes Look at the QSL Bureau”. The information for the column was provided by Michael Brickell, VE3TKI, the Manager of the VA3/VE3 Incoming QSL Bureau.

Download (PDF, 2.11MB)

RAC Outgoing QSL Bureau Tips

The RAC Outgoing QSL Bureau provides an outgoing QSL card forwarding service to overseas and USA Incoming QSL Bureaus.

The service is available to RAC members, RAC affiliated clubs (club call only) and family members.

RAC Outgoing Bureau
PO Box 11156
Station “H”
Ottawa, ON, K2H 7T9

For more information please view the following: RAC Outgoing QSL Bureau Tips

The RAC National Incoming QSL Bureau

Member societies of the International Radio Union (IARU) operate a worldwide system of QSL Bureaus.

Radio Amateurs of Canada as the Canadian member-society, operates a National Incoming Bureau and sponsors the Incoming Bureaus for the 12 Canadian call areas.

Cards received from IARU member societies by the RAC National Incoming Bureau are sorted and forwarded to the Incoming Bureau in each call area.

For more information please see: The RAC National Incoming QSL Bureau

Provincial Incoming Bureaus

For a list of Provincial Incoming Bureaus and the methods that each bureau uses to distribute cards to Amateurs in the various call areas please visit: Provincial Incoming Bureaus

Prefixes of countries with no incoming QSL bureau

For a list of countries with prefixes which have no Incoming QSL Bureau please visit the IARU QSL Bureaus link below.

As a result, cards cannot be forwarded to these prefixes. Your outgoing cards for Non-Bureau Countries will be returned to you from the RAC Outgoing QSL Bureau via the Provincial Incoming Bureau serving you.

IARU QSL Bureaus

List of IARU QSL Bureaus to help you in sorting your cards.