Jeanne, VA7QD, celebrates Canada 150 in style.
Jeanne, VA7QD, celebrates Canada 150 in style.

Volunteers are needed to activate the 14 RAC stations for the RAC Canada 150 Award. A schedule of activations is available on the RAC website as of July 30, 2017 and new volunteers will be added as the names are submitted. Fred Orsetti, VE7IO, has organized the volunteers for the VE7RAC station and provides a description below.

After a successful operating format using both home and club stations throughout the Province of British Columbia taking turns at operating VE100VIMY, we have decided to repeat this with the VE7RAC station for the RAC Canada 150 Award program.

One difference is that the stations will, for the most part, have the call sign for a period of one week and have complete flexibility to operate bands and modes of their choice. We do have stations who want to operate CW, SSB or other modes and the schedule allows for this but bands are their choice.

Activity is scheduled to start on August 1 although we have had some pre-August activity. As with the Vimy project we want to provide as much band and mode flexibility as possible to give everyone an opportunity to log many VE7RAC QSOs.

Operators currently signed up to operate the VE7RAC call sign in the Canada 150 event are: Doug, VA7DP, Gabor, VE7JH, Al, VA7QQ, John, VE7RB, Al, VE7WJ, Jim, VE7FO, Rebecca, VA7BEC, Koji, VA7KO, Brian, VE7JKZ, John, VA7JW, John, VE7TI and Fred, VE7IO. These operators cover CW, SSB, RTTY and JT65 and each will operate for a period of one week or during an event. For instance, John, VE7TI, will be using VE7RAC in the Jamboree On The Air event in October.

Currently the schedule covers most weeks until the end of the year finishing with the RAC Canada Winter Contest on December 30.

Please try to find us on the cluster or if you hear us call your buddies so we can get you in our log.

Note: For more information on the RAC Canada 150 Award and how to volunteer to activate a RAC station please visit and

73, Fred Orsetti, VE7IO