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Cover of Hamstudy 2021-2022 Basic Study Guide
Coax Publications Advanced Study Guide

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Amateur Radio!

Do you?
  • enjoy the thought of communicating with people around the world without the use of phones or the Internet?
  • like experimenting with electronics?
  • like interfacing radio transmitters with your computer?
  • want to serve your community at social events or during serious emergency situations?
  • want to talk to astronauts in the International Space Station?
  • look forward to developing new relationships and learning what is going on around world through the airwaves?

If you answered maybe or yes to any one or a few of these questions, then Amateur Radio may be for you and we are here to help you get started! Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) is the national association for Amateur Radio in Canada.

Radio Amateurs of Canada represents all Canadian Amateurs at all levels of government. Speaking on behalf of Canadian Radio Amateurs, RAC provides liaison with government agencies and carries the Amateur voice about regulatory and spectrum issues to the discussion table with government and industry leaders, nationally and internationally. RAC is also the Canadian voting member society of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU).

Amateur Radio Courses and Study Guides

In addition to the above services, Radio Amateurs of Canada provides Amateur Radio courses and also is a publisher and promoter of Amateur Radio Study Guides.

Amateur Radio Basic and Advanced Qualification courses are now being provided both online and in person. We are pleased to include information about any courses provided by Canadian Amateur Radio Clubs on this webpage.

HamStudy Basic 2021/2022

The Hamstudy Basic 2021/2022 is the fourth edition of the Hamstudy Study Guide published by Radio Amateurs of Canada. This manual is based on self-study courses which have been offered at for more than 20 years.

This Study Guide has been designed to get you started in Amateur Radio with 20 to 35 hours of study. You will need to become familiar with 100 topics on which the examination is based. Your multiple choice examination will consist of one question from each of the 100 topics. The complete December 2020 Question Bank is included in this edition.

The focus of this Study Guide is on the topics that are addressed in the examination. There is much more that one could and should learn about the hobby, but that can start after you write and pass the exam to obtain your own call sign. The pass mark is 70% but you should aim for a mark of 80% or higher because that will give you access to all of the Amateur Radio bands.

The Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide

This Study Guide includes all information required to pass the current Innovation, Science and Economic Development’s examination. The new 5th printing now includes new material related to the 630 metre and 60 metre bands and some technology updates.

It has been matched to the current ISED examination requirements and contains all material and information required to pass the Basic Qualification exam.

It also still includes unlimited time access to the acclaimed online Student Success Pages support and the “Ask The Professor” help is added for some questions.

Coax Publications also publishes the Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Qualification Study Guide (2nd Edition, 2nd Printing). Written to the same high standards as the Basic Study Guide, this book covers all questions in the Industry Canada Advanced Qualification question bank while providing needed context.

It also includes unlimited time access to the Advanced Student Success Pages on our web site, with enhanced “Ask The Professor” help for difficult or calculation questions.

Study Guides and Self-Study Courses

As described above, Radio Amateurs of Canada offers the following Study Guides to help you learn everything you need need to pass your exam and have fun with Amateur Radio. You may purchase RAC publications at major Amateur Radio retailers or online by clicking on the following links.  

  The Radio Amateurs of Canada website ( is the best source for information about Amateur Radio on the Web. This is also where you can be directed to a list of Accredited Examiners for your area. Amateur Radio Basic and Advanced Qualification courses are now being provided both online and in person. We are pleased to include information about any courses provided by Canadian Amateur Radio Clubs on our Amateur Radio Courses webpage at:
Amateur Radio Courses

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